“Those who are skeptical better die immediately”


About the project

Yehor is in charge of lustration in Ukraine. This is the way the journalists called him upon the Euromaidan victory. The new government was promising to create a lustration committee, backed by the Council of Ministers, and appoint Yehor Sobolyev as its chief.

But that was about it: there were no appointments, no committee, and no lustration laws. Despite the fact that lustration was Maidan’s main demand. Yet, Yehor is not the one to surrender. He’s fighting and he’s winning.


This is a film about an inner strength of a person who moved all the way from a human rights advocate to Euromaidan superintendent, from a journalist to a member of Parliament, from the corrupt government fighter to a statesman.




Sergey Lysenko, director

Andriy Lysetsky, cinematography

Borys Peter, sound director

Roman Bondarchuk, producer, manager of the project


Pivden NGO and Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival


The film production is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine

Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine